Patrick Carr Fine Art Black and White Photography

I love black and white photography. There's something about shapes, textures, shades and contrast that appeals to me in the absence of true color. That's not to say I only want to see neutral grays. On the contrary, I like the look of a warm, sepia toned image. I also love exploring and just...looking at things. I enjoy days wandering with no plan or purpose, just to see what I find. Finding odds and ends that are out of place, like books and lost photos in alleys or along train tracks, things in the windows of abandoned stores, interesting graffiti or old ragged posters peaks my curiosity and appeals to me as potential subject matter. I enjoy the challenge of photographing those things and trying to turn them into new pieces of art in the darkroom, so I can turn around and say "look at what I found. This is how I see it."